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QD Studios is a small, one-man, software developer studio. It was once known as Ex-D.net and later QDwares. For various reasons the name had to change a few times since Ex-D Software Development was first launched far back in 2003. 

Why "QD"? There is no direct meaning to these two letters. I liked the idea of balance, ying-yang, day and night, and the idea of the sun and the moon became apparent. I thought of using "OD" but that seemed dull, and changed it to Q to represent the sun, and D to represent the moon. Together they hold the world together and allow life to exist. Later I released, if anyone wanted to the short answer I could simply say "Quality Development" and "Quality Design".

As far as profits go, there are little. I believe that in an ideal world everything should be freely available under the distributed governance of social individuals. However this is the real world, so electricity  internet connections and servers aren't something given out so freely. For that reason I had to make the project at least support its-self by introducing a donate option. Between the years 2003 to 2010 there have been about 100 donations for Mouse Wrap, with an average donation amount of ~£3 GBP (~$6 USD). If you deduct server and domain costs, you'll find there is no profit in it. 

Underneath the branding, you'll find that I am just a lone developer with a passion for ideas, technology and software. This is technically a hobbyist project that I started during my school days, and has since been more of an ongoing sentimental effort. Its something of a "wish to have" that I have tried to keep alive and updated over the years, when I have the time.

~ Daniel Downes