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Mouse Wrap has been going for over 15 years. The small amount of PayPal donations I received over the years has helped keep the hosting site going.

I am moving from direct PayPal Donations to Patreon. I am looking forward to a response and to work on a much needed Mouse Wrap 4.0 major update.

As you’ll see I’ve set up some goals to aim for, some of which, such as multi-montior support have been suggested multiple times and is high on my list of to-dos. I would be happy to accept other suggestions too.

Thank you again if you have previously donated and are visiting from a recent newsletter.

If you have just discovered Mouse Wrap and are still evaluating how useful it can be, then please do check back or consider subscribing to the newsletter.

Please check Mouse Wrap's Patreon page and consider to pledge support. All help is appreciated, thank you!

Let’s see where we can take this.

~ Daniel

Wednesday the 4th of May, 2017

Now running from the Repbulic of Ireland!

QD Studios is now a registered company in the Republic of Ireland (Company Name Registration No: 502160). The name represents the IT consultation services as conducted by myself, Daniel Downes while I am in Ireland.

To find more information about my services, please checkout my portfolio website.

Wednesday the 28th of August, 2013

Mouse Wrap 3.3 - Is back for good!

As of today there is a new minor version of Mouse Wrap available. Mouse Wrap has been offline for a few months due to website problems. I'm now glad to announce that Mouse Wrap is available once again online.

So if you're curious how a utility can change the way you move your mouse cursor in edgeless pac-man style, wrapping around your desktop action, then check out Mouse Wrap.

Monday the 4th of Febuary, 2013

And .. we're back .. again!

Mainly noticable for Mouse Wrap, QD Studios was previously titled QDwares, and before that was formerly known as Ex-D Software Development. The new name is now something more rememberable and which has a deeper meaning to it.. (see about if you are intruged). Notice that QDwares.com and Ex-D.net now both link back to the QD Studios homepage.

Underneith the branding, you'll find free quality software that is focused on a balance of perfection and satisfaction.

Friday the 1st of Febuary, 2013